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About WIRL Career

Our Story

After thinking long and hard about our respective career paths we realised that there was something missing back when we were at high school. Unless you were exposed to a whole lot of different career paths there was no real way to get a feel for what a job was really like. And since we base many of our most important career decisions (i.e. jobs, course selection) on our mental picture of what we think a job will be like we realised that young people really needed a career tool that could help them explore careers visually. That's how WIRL Career was born. WIRL Career is the resource we wish we had during high school. Our goal was to build the best possible career discovery tool around. That means WIRL had to be simple and easy to use but still look awesome and provide great information. For us WIRL Career is a labour of love and we get great satisfaction from staying connected with our users and school subscribers. We love to get any constructive feedback and take great happiness in updating WIRL with new features and new content.

Subscription is Easy

To subscribe to WIRL Career simply click the link below.
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A few good reasons to subscribe
  1. Always Growing
  2. Always Relevant
  3. WIRL is aligned with the way young people are used to finding information
  4. WIRL Career is carefully designed to maintain attention
Subscription Costs

A WIRL Career subscription lasts for one year and is renewed each year at the subscription anniversary date. You may also want to share this cost with VET coordinators and other areas of your school that can also use this resource. Renewal notices will be sent annually. We are also happy to attend career group meetings to preview the resource and explain the WIRL story.

Non-standard pricing
    Contact WIRL Career to arrange special pricing for:
  1. Regional Group Licenses
  2. Community/Government employment organisations
  3. Universities
  4. Tafe Colleges
  5. Training Organisations

Standard Pricing

To make WIRL more accessible to all schools standard pricing has been substantially reduced. Pricing is site based and annual pricing is as follows:


WIRL Career

  1. Career Discovery Segments
  2. Pathway Sheets
  3. Course Explorer
  4. Career Quiz
  5. Lesson Plan

WIRL Career

$200 +
  • $150 (200 students Bundle)
  • $200 (500 students Bundle)
  • $300 (1,000 students Bundle)
  1. Career Action Plans
  2. Individual Logins
  3. Career Action Plan Exports
  4. Career Adviser Dashboards

What People are saying about us

The movies you can watch are great. It is a great way to see and listen to someone who is currently in the industry, and to find out how they entered the industry as well as the tasks they are required to complete.

June just forwarded your email, so I logged on...the first time I have seen your material...fantastic, congratulations. There is no doubt that once a few of the schools get it there will be a stampede!!

WIRL is a resource that is simple but effective. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. It provides a different and very stimulating learning tool for students. They love it!

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We see WIRL Career as a partnership between young people, career advisers, community groups, industry associations and education providers. Our team has significant expertise in developing media content having run both professional and vocational development projects across the country. If you would like to develop industry specific career content or to profile your course options feel free to contact us.




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